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The Birth of a new era of Anti-Keynesian-Demand led Production

Restructuring the Economics of E-Commerce 2.0

If you are here than you value your choices and want to be part of the decision-making of what you want to consume. Millions are spent in Market-Research every year and despite that Billions are spent further on its Advertisement. While we sell non-mainstream products by non-mainstream artists, we do so by promoting a community of patrons having an active say in the changes they want in the product by not only recommending but also a say on the artwork for the products they like. Most active members of the community will be likewise compensated with us promising to pass our advertisement budget back on to the community, thereby creating a fly-wheel effect. So do you feel like eating Peanut Butter Quinoa Chips than simply say it and we'll make the most liked ideas of yours take form, all the while you getting paid for it. And the Artisans getting a sure hit product on their hands for you to cherish.

Amazon lead Road to Serfdom

Breaking Stereotypes

Majority of the German retail is based on the traditional image of a customer and their choices, which are continuously evolving.

So Who Are We ?

And why are we so special? Based on the economic principles of Friedrich Hayek. We are a SaaS powered Local Marketplace building a Communal Demand-driven Distribution Chain for the FMCG Brands without Shelf Space. Built from the ground up in Germany, we empower independent producers to optimise ordering, simplify communication and focus on their product instead of administrative work.


Join us on this ride of Conscious Capitalism.